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Emily Carr

The eccentric Canadian artist sits on a stool on the beach near Victoria, working on one of her beloved totem pole paintings.

Media: Head, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. She has short gray mohair, and wears her traditional black net skullcap. She wears gray stockings, and black leather shoes. She has on a dark dress, and a paint-spattered light blue paint smock with embroidered neckline.

Props: She's sitting on a handmade stool, painting at a handmade easel. The large painting was painted by Martha using the actual palette on the doll's knee. Marianne painted the two smaller paintings. On the ground around her are jars and tubes of paint, and her pot with brushes. There's also a clay pot painted with Northwest Native designs, to represent the years Emily spent making and selling pottery to help ends meet.

Height: 36 cm (14"), easel 41 cm (16")

Award: 2000 - First Prize - Original Doll, Polymer Clay - CDAA Conference May 2000

January 1997

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